1. The Protection of LIfe During Pregnancy Bill: What Changed?

    The Irish government published a draft of its upcoming Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill in April, but the bill going before the Oireachtas, published early last Thursday, has a number of differences. 

    So what changed? Quite a bit. 

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    i vote matt smith for the twelfth doctor

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    m is for please don’t leave
    a is for please don’t leave
    t is for please don’t leave
    t is for please don’t leave

    s is for please don’t leave
    m is for please don’t leave
    i is for please don’t leave
    is for please don’t leave
    is for please don’t leave

    an original poem by me 

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your heroic US military


    your heroic US military

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    you either loved the catcher in the rye with a burning passion and it touched your soul and holden caulfield was you in high school or you despised that book and threatened to burn it and holden caulfield was a whiny little bitch there’s literally no in between

    also known as people with souls versus people with NO SOULS, HOLDEN IS A GRIEVING CHILD LEARN EMPATHY JESUS GOD ALMIGHTY

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